Traditional Bathrooms

Traditional Bathrooms

Traditional Bathrooms Sydney

Revamping your bathroom is an important step when it comes to improving your home and adding some value to the property. The bathroom is so often overlooked when it comes to home improvements, and we think this is a shame because it’s one of the most important and influential rooms in the home. If you are looking to add some wow factor and curb appeal to your property, you should get involved with our bathroom renovation services.

We can work with you to improve and transform your bathroom and really work on making sure you have the best possible room for your home. Make sure you consider the sort of changes you want to see in the bathroom and be sure you are thinking about the best ways of being able to improve the room. For a lot of homes, traditional bathrooms are often just what they’re missing, and can be the key to transforming the entire home right now. So, let’s look a little further at traditional bathrooms, and what they can add to your home.

Why Renovate the Bathroom?

When it comes to home renovations, so many of us have ideas and plans for things we would love to sort out and improve. But we tend to overlook the bathroom as a room that matters, and many bathrooms are often left to fall into disrepair. But it’s time to stop this and to start focusing on exactly why the bathroom matters, and the reasons why you should be trying to renovate as much as you can.

Now, there are plenty of great reasons why you need to make sure you renovate your bathroom, and this can have an important impact on the rest of the home. Transforming your bathroom can really help to improve and enhance the rest of the property, it will complement other rooms of the home, and make the place that little bit nicer. What’s more, you might be able to make your bathroom more practical and aesthetically appealing by using the right renovation techniques. Going for a traditional bathroom could be just the key you need to unlock the secrets your bathroom has been keeping!

What is a Traditional Bathroom?

Before you proceed with any major changes, it is important that you understand precisely what a traditional bathroom is. Traditional as a word is defined as meaning established, classic, or old. When it comes to bathrooms, traditional evokes the style and design that is a little older, something that pays tribute to that which has gone before. So, basically, think a classic and comfortable aesthetic that manages to blend modern practicality as well. Traditional bathrooms are the sort you expect to find in more old-fashioned homes, but they are also making a comeback in the modern era as well.

A traditional bathroom is one that is looking to offer a throwback to past eras, and this can be demonstrated by the style and design of the bathroom, or through the different bathroom fittings and accessories that are being used. Think softer colors and more traditional materials, such as chain flushes. These are the sorts of things that define and make up a traditional bathroom, and these are the kinds of elements that you need to make sure you are focused on right now. Traditional bathrooms are a great way of revamping and renovating your bathroom to give it a completely fresh style that you might not have considered before, and this is really important.

What a Traditional Bathroom Can Offer to You

When you are trying to choose the right bathroom, you need to understand what these different bathrooms can offer you moving forward. It’s clear that traditional bathrooms have a lot of benefits and positives for your home, and you need to be aware of these. If you have an older property, a traditional bathroom is perfect for adding character and authenticity to the home and giving you a timeless appeal and charm. And, we also love how flexible the traditional style is, and how well you can incorporate it into the home. You can either choose to go for a full-on traditional bathroom, or you might choose to combine traditional and modern elements together.

Largely, it is the charm that traditional bathrooms offer; they look elegant, opulent, and timeless, and really give your home that extra dimension. Too many properties these days, new builds, in particular, lack any sort of personality, and this is something a traditional style bathroom can really help to fix. If clean lines and contemporary designs really aren’t your thing, then traditional feels like it would be the perfect fit for you and your home.

What Can You Expect from a Traditional Bathroom?

Now, there is a common assumption that traditional and dated are the same thing, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact, when you think traditional, think classic. The sort of thing you would expect to see from a Downton Abbey bathroom. Traditional bathrooms are defined very much by their classic design, often incorporating tiles and a more basic visual journey. Think things like freestanding, claw-foot bathtubs, pedestal basins, wooden vanity cabinets, and older furniture.

There is a definite focus on minimalism in terms of color as well as furnishings. Traditional bathrooms often have cross head taps, wooden floors, a freestanding bath or Apron shower head, vanity units combining ivory and anthracite, patterned tiles, and traditional accessories. Basically, you need to think about going for basic decor and style that introduces the more traditional elements in a way that works for the balance of the room, and the home in general. There is so much choice here, and you should think about your own tastes, as well as how you are going to improve the rest of the home in the process.

Consider the Right Color Scheme

When you are looking at the style of a traditional master bathroom, it is important to focus on the color scheme you want to introduce. While a modern bathroom will tend to priorities lots of bright, vibrant colors, traditional bathrooms usually go a little more basic. This means lots of white and chrome throughout, or, in some cases, a black and white theme can offer a timeless elegance when it comes to your statement bathroom. Traditional white bathrooms are the most common kind of classic bathroom you will encounter. But there are other color considerations to bear in mind as well, such as if you’re going for a traditional marble bathroom, or you want to go for different colored tiles on the floor.

Color is so important, and you must not underestimate the impact it can have on the bathroom. In fact, if you get the color scheme wrong, it can clash with the traditional sensibilities and leave your bathroom looking and feeling like a confused mess. The best thing to do is to try to avoid going overboard when it comes to colors and patterns. Black, white, charcoal, brown, grey, these are all the best kinds of colors and shades to try to use. And you should look to get accessories that are similar colors as well, such as toweling, bath trays, and mats.

Choose Traditional Fittings

It is important to think about the traditional fittings you can introduce to the bathroom in order to get the right sort of traditional look and feel. There is a lot of choice you need to work on here, and you need to be aware of what the different traditional fittings are when trying to achieve this. These are some of the classic fittings you need to look at if you are serious about introducing a more traditional element to your bathroom:

  • Winchester traditional freestanding roll top bath tub
  • Cross head taps
  • Classic high-level toilet, where the cistern is high up on the wall
  • Traditional bathroom sinks – pedestal wash basin

When you are choosing to go for a traditional bathroom, there is a lot you need to think about. Make sure you consider the features that make the best traditional bathrooms in Sydney and consider what you can do to integrate these. We suggest perhaps easing yourself in with a combination of contemporary and traditional features. Maybe start with getting rid of your shower and prioritizing a freestanding bath instead, for example.

The Bath

We have talked a lot about the bath, but this is very much the defining feature of a traditional bathroom. The first thing you need to focus on is introducing a freestanding bathtub into the bathroom, as this screams traditional. Now, there is more choice available here than you might think, and you need to think about the sorts of baths that are available. Roll-top baths are a great bet, as they give that Victorian touch that so many homes are crying out for. But, you also shouldn’t discount slipper baths either, if you want to go for a more offbeat traditional style.

You could also consider going for a straight bath or a bath/shower combination if this appeals to you. But, the important thing is to make sure you get the right bath to really give your home that amazing traditional feel. Whether you go for a single-ended or double-ended freestyle bath, the important thing is to choose the right one that is going to add character to your home as much as possible.

Go for Traditional Materials

Traditional materials make up the fulcrum of what we find in traditional bathrooms, and this is something you need to look into when you are considering remodeling your bathroom in a more traditional way. This means looking at tiles for the floors and walls, and experimenting with different colors, chrome, and stainless steel will also be involved, especially when it comes to the taps, showers, and towel rails. You should also think about the possibility of hardwood floors, or exposed brickwork on the walls. Anything that you feel will enhance the traditional elements of the room would be a great thing to focus on when revamping the bathroom.

Do Things Differently

Embracing the traditional bathroom is all about doing things differently. You are turning your back on the accepted style of modern bathrooms, and, instead, focusing on classic design ideas. You shouldn’t be afraid to play around with the layout of the bathroom, as this is one of the best ways of getting that more traditional feel. For instance, your traditional basin could be on a pillar, while you might experiment with the position of your freestanding bath. Another thing to keep in mind is that you might like to add unique elements, such as a wooden bookcase in the bathroom, to cap off that traditional feel, with a splash of personality as well!

How We Can Help

At Bathroom Renovations Sydney, we have the perfect services to help you inject some tradition into your bathroom. We’ve got skilled and knowledgeable experts who specialize in fitting the highest-quality traditional bathrooms. Our affordable services allow you to plan and prepare the best possible traditional bathroom designs and fittings right now. Get in touch with us, and we can talk about what exactly you’re looking for, as well as how to make your bathroom more traditional moving forward.

When you are looking to make the best decisions for your home, it is really important that you spend some time focusing on your bathroom and doing the best you can to make it shine. There are a lot of factors that you need to keep in mind when it comes to revamping and transforming your bathroom. There are so many factors that play a role in this, and you are going to need to make sure you get the most out of this. A traditional bathroom remodel can be just what your home needs to add character and prestige, and this is certainly something you have to make sure you consider. Come up with ideas that are going to allow you to improve the bathroom in the right way, and use these epic tips to help you give the bathroom that traditional touch as best you can.

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