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Bathroom Renovations North Sydney

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Turning your bathroom into a personal, lavish, and modern space
Is there anything more relaxing than a trip to a spa? Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or money to head to a spa once they get in from work during the week. Luckily, you don’t have to. There are a number of different ways you can turn your bathroom into your personal home spa. Plus, a lot of suggestions are affordable! Read on to discover more.

  • Invest in a luxurious bathtub – If there is one element of your bathroom that is worth investing in, it is your bathtub. Purchase a freestanding tub online for pure luxury. After all, does anything look more glamorous and lavish than a freestanding bathtub? There are so many unique designs to choose from today, ensuring your tub becomes the statement piece in your bathroom.
  • Add a tray to your bathtub – Once you have purchased a new tub, the next step is to add a tray to it. This is the perfect place for you to add a glass of wine or champagne and a book while you enjoy your bath. Is there anything more relaxing than enjoying a glass of bubbles while you have a soak?
  • Add some music – If you have ever been to a spa, you will notice that they often play soft and relaxing music in the background. This is something you should do in your bathroom. Not only will this stop you from getting bored while in the tub, but you can also meditate and keep a tranquil mind. This is why music is better than TV, although there is no harm in having the option of both. There are many apps available today that have medication playlists for you to use. All you need is some speakers!
  • Add a luxurious scent – Scents are famous for boosting one’s health and mood, and this is one of the most cost-efficient ways to improve your bathroom and give it a spa feel. After all, your rejuvenation journey cannot be complete without aromatherapy. Choose your scent with care. For example, if you need a good night’s sleep, jasmine and lavender are both good choices. There are a number of different ways to add these scents to your bathroom. Of course, you can use scented lotion and body wash. This is a good place to start. But for the smell to take over your bathroom, you are going to need something more substantial. Most people will opt for candles or oil diff-users. While candles look beautiful surrounding a bathtub, oil diff-users are the safer choice.
  • Get rid of any clutter – There is nothing relaxing or luxurious about clutter. Now is the perfect time to tackle it! Clutter causes stress and makes it impossible for people to unwind. Get rid of things you don’t need and organised the rest.
  • Warm up with heated towels – There is nothing worse than getting out of a freezing shower and stepping onto a cold floor while you shiver and quickly wrap yourself in a towel that’s simply room temperature. This is why you need to indulge in warm, comfy towels for a true home spa experience. Towel warmers are becoming exceptionally popular for this very reason. However, if you are looking for something a bit cheaper, why not opt for towel-warming bars? You will be able to dry your towels at the same time.
  • Purchase a massage shower head – Don’t forget about your shower! While it is not necessary to invest in a new shower enclosure entirely for your bathroom, it is a good idea to switch your shower head for a massage version. This is also the perfect solution for those who simply do not have the space to invest in a freestanding tub. With a massage shower head, you will experience a revitalizing shower experience each and every day. It is amazing the difference this can make!
  • Add small, luxurious touches – There are a number of ways you can give your bathroom a spa feel without spending a lot of money. For example, you could purchase some rose petals or bath bombs for your bathtub. You should also ensure you have a luxurious robe and pair of slippers readily available for whenever you get out of the bath or shower.

We all want our bathroom to provide a spa-like experience; for it to be somewhere where we can completely relax and enjoy a bit of luxury. However, building a spa is expensive, and we don’t all have the money to splurge on opulent extras, such as flat-screen TVs built into the wall of the shower enclosure and a hot tub that is big enough to fit in the entire family. The good news is that you don’t need to break the bank in order to give your bathroom a spa-like feel. Here are some great suggestions.

  • Invest in a bathtub tray – What could be more luxurious than relaxing in the bath with a nice glass of champagne? You can pick up a gorgeous bath tray from a wide range of home improvement stores. This is one of the cheapest and quickest ways to give your bathroom a lavish upgrade.
  • Add some calming music – For bath meditation, add some calming music. You don’t have to spend a lot to add a speaker to the bathroom. You can easily download sounds of the ocean or anything else that helps you to unwind after a difficult day at work.
  • Focus on the scent – Nothing gives a bathroom a better ambiance than walking in and smelling the luscious scent of vanilla, cherry blossom, or any other smell that appeals to you. While candles are great for adding atmosphere, if you are somewhat forgetful, it would be better to opt for oil diff-users instead.
  • Warm up with heated towels – There is nothing worse than getting out of a nice warm bath and shivering because the floor is cold, your towels are cold, and now you are cold too! Companies like Bradshaw Plumbing solve this problem with heated towel rail installation. After all, what is better than indulging yourself in a fluffy, warm towel?
  • Invest in a massage shower head – While we often associate soaking in the tub with relaxation, you can have a relaxing shower as well. Plus, not everyone has a bath, or the room for one. A massage shower head will leave you feeling revitalized and refreshed when you step out of the shower.
  • De-clutter – This is one form of home improvement that will not cost you much money at all. Clutter is one of the biggest causes of stress. How are you supposed to relax in the bathroom if there are empty bottles everywhere? Now is the perfect time to get rid of all of your bathroom clutter. Free up a considerable amount of space in your cabinets and ensure the room looks much more appealing.
  • Choose a small, deep soaking tub – You do not need to spend a lot of money in order to benefit from a gorgeous soak in a bathtub. If you have a small room and/or a limited budget, why not opt for a small, deep soaking tub instead? A lot of manufacturers offer tubs that are no bigger than five feet in terms of length, but deep enough to soak.
  • Does your bathroom look old and tired? This is a room that is often neglected in a lot of properties. After all, it’s a ‘functional’ room more than anything, so-to-speak. However, this does not mean that your bathroom should be any less stylish than the rest of the house. With that in mind, read on to discover some of the best ways to glam up your bathroom…
  • Create a zen feel with natural elements – Give your bathroom a calming and relaxed feel by using wood as a decorative element. Using wood as a horizontal wall design gives the feel of a high-end ski lodge or resort. The complete the soothing look, pair the wood accents with natural decor accents and neutral paint colors.
  • Update your bathroom taps – A small change can go a big way. Upgrading your bathroom taps can make a massive difference. You can find plenty of lavish, modern designs. If you really want to up the glam stakes, why not go for gold faucets? Of course, make sure they fit in with the rest of your bathroom; you want them to look elegant after all.
  • Tile your bathroom – Tiling your bathroom may not sound very glamorous. However, it is all about how you do it. Installing a glass tile back splash in beautiful colors is a great way to create an artsy bathroom.
  • Add a lavish chair – Bathroom furniture will give the room an instant upgrade. By adding a uniquely designed chair to your bathroom will create a spot for relaxation, making the room look more expensive and glamorous.
  • Add a simple pop of color – Do you currently have a plain white bathroom? If so, one of the easiest ways to enhance the appearance of your bathroom is by adding simple pops of bold colors. For example, why not opt for aqua shelves and cabinets? You don’t need to add a lot of color. In fact, you need to be careful regarding how you go about it to ensure you end up with a bathroom that looks expensive rather than one that looks cheap. The key is to select one color for an accent, and then repeat it throughout the room. Inexpensive accident pieces that can make a big difference include a mirror frame, artwork, towels, and a rug.
  • Bring the outdoors in – For your bathroom makeover; look for different ways to bring the outdoors inside. Plants not only add beauty to your bathroom, but they improve the airflow in the room and make it much more relaxing.
  • Choose a simple color palette – For ultimate glam, simple color palettes are key. Why not try a color generator such as There really is no need to over complicate things. If you go into any high-end spa, you will see that simple materials and colors are the preferred choice. This is no coincidence; it creates a soothing and relaxing vibe. If you are struggle to choose a color scheme, why not opt for monochrome? This is an easy place to start and you can’t really go wrong.
  • Update your bathroom lighting – Lighting is something that is often overlooked when it comes to room design. However, it can make all of the different. Changing your bathroom lighting is one of the easiest ways to turn the room into a complete showstopper. To create a designer look, re-think how lighting is usually used in a bathroom. For example, a lot of bathrooms will have a traditional light bar placed above a mirror, so why not do things differently? For example, you could place elegant sconces on either side.
  • Think about those finishing touches ­– Last but not least, add some lavish finishing touches that will give your bathroom a five-star edge. For example, why not invest in a bath tray? You can relax in a bubble bath with a glass of wine on an evening, or read a book! Or, for ultimate luxury, why not invest in a TV for your bathroom? After all, what could be more relaxing than soaking in the bath with your favorite drink while you catch up on your favorite TV show.

Little dashes of elegance in the bathroom

Your bathroom should be a place that is soothing, relaxing, and luxurious. If it does not feel like this at present, there are some changes you can make to ensure your bathroom is more elegant and lavish. You may think you need to spend a fortune to achieve this, but as you will soon find out, that is definitely not the case.

  • Get a bathtub tray – What is more luxe than a bathtub tray? You will have a space for a glass of wine and a book. Creating an elegant and opulent bathroom is all about providing a spa-like experience, and so adding little extras like this is a great way to start.
  • Accessorizing the right way – Accessories can take away the hard and cold look that is often found in bathrooms. From comfortable furniture and artwork to elegant window coverings and plush rugs, there are many different ways to enhance your bathroom.
  • Add greenery – Another way to make your bathroom more elegant is by adding a plant or two. This is one of the best ways to add color and personality to any space. Plus, plants help to clean the air, and the high level of humidity will ensure they live longer too. If you are unsure what type of plants to go for, try philodendrons, bamboo, or aloe vera.
  • Change the lighting – Your bathroom lighting will play a massive role with regards to the mood and feel of the room. Once you have done this, make sure the lighting you choose isn’t too harsh, as this will spoil the overall feel in the room. Look for elegant fixtures that will enhance the design too.
  • Invest in a beautiful framed mirror – Framed mirrors are elegant, and they have the added benefit of making small bathrooms appear bigger. It is worth spending a bit extra on a mirror and making it a statement piece in your bathroom.
  • Bath faucets – There is no need to stick with the shiny, chrome faucets that are seen in so many houses. Depending on the style of your house and bath, you should consider decorative faucets, such as burnished iron, brushed nickel, pewter, polished brass, or solid gold.
  • Add furniture – For a really elegant and luxurious feel, you should bring a piece of furniture into the bathroom. A tall chest or armoire for holding bathroom necessities and towels can provide an instant upgrade. Or, why not provide a spot to relax by investing in a lounge chair or bench? A freestanding piece of furniture adds a custom touch to the space while softening the look.
  • Arrange artfully – Last but not least, consider the arrangement in your bathroom carefully. There is nothing elegant about hygiene and beauty supplies that are just strewn about randomly. The difference between a mess and a stunning arrangement could simply be a few small trays – it does not have to be anything excessive.

Warmth and comfort with electric towel rails

Warmth is a must in a luxury bathroom. Thanks to the growing popularity of electric towel rails you now have an unbelievable assortment to pick from.

Step One: Select a style

Should you go for a modern style of towel rail or something more traditional? The choice is yours! It all depends on the current style of your bathroom as well as your own personal preference.

Step Two: Choose a finish

1. Stainless Steel – Stainless steel is a popular choice of finish for a variation of reasons. The appearance is the main attraction, thanks to the modern, elegant and luxurious look of stainless steel. These radiators are also easy to maintain and offer great heat conductivity as well.
2. White – You cannot go wrong with a classic white radiator. This finish will suit any size and style of room.
3. Chrome – Chrome towel rails are available in diverse styles, ensuring you find the perfect one for you. They particularly show their worth in small bathrooms, as the light reflects against the finish to make the space appear larger.

Step Three: Determine a suitable BTU output
From 499 BTU to 2499 BTU, you have many different options to choose from. This all depends on your needs regarding energy output. Think about the size of your room for example. If you need a helping hand, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Step Four: Decipher what size towel rail you need

The final aspect you need to take into consideration is the size of the towel rail. There are many options for you to select from, with height ranging from 500 mm to 1800 mm and width ranging from 300 mm to 750 mm.

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