Modern Bathroom

Modern Bathroom

Modern Bathroom Designs

Bathrooms can change significantly over the course of a decade or less. The bathroom you had when you moved into your house will probably look wildly outdated by now. Or, even worse, you’ve just moved into a new home, and the bathroom is absolutely ancient.

Old bathroom design was all about strangely patterned tiles and massive bathtubs. In general, it felt a bit over the top! So, allow us to come over and sort things out with our modern bathrooms in Sydney. We offer a renovation service that can take your old bathroom and bring it into the 21st Century. We handle everything from start to finish, so you can relax and wait for us to finish.

If you’re interested in upgrading your home with a swanky modern bathroom, then contact us today. We’ll book you in for a consultation where we can discuss things further and figure out the next steps!

Bespoke Modern Bathroom Renovations

There aren’t many things better than kicking back and relaxing in a brand new modern bathroom. If you’ve been stuck with the same old bathroom for years, then you need a change. Modern designs are so innovative and clever, they push the limits on what’s expected out of interior design. If you have a renovation done to your bathroom, then it will feel like an entirely new room has been added to your home. The only worry is that you fall so deeply in love with it that you make an excuse to run five baths a day!

All jokes aside, we can help you with a modern bathroom renovation in Sydney. No matter how big or small your bathroom is, we will handle everything. This begins with our design service, where we help you conjure up the image of your new area.

In general, most of our customers have a vague idea for their new bathroom design. They might not know what specific vanity cabinet or tiles they want, but they’ve got a general idea of how it looks. So, we can work together to bring both of our ideas together and create the perfect modern design for your home.

Here are a few things we think you should ask yourself when considering the design of this room:

  • What bathroom furniture do you need? This covers everything from modern vanity units to wall cabinets.
  • What type of flooring do you want? Some modern bathrooms don’t even have tiled flooring anymore, opting for a type of laminate or other hard flooring variety instead.
  • Do you want a shower, bath, or both? In general, modern designs ignore the bath as they’re not really needed anymore.
  • What colour scheme do you want?
  • How much storage do you need?
  • What’s your budget?

There will probably be further questions as we talk to each other and understand where you’re going with this design. But, these are the crucial ones to help you get started. If you have no clue whatsoever, and just want an updated modern bathroom, then our team will provide you with as much inspiration as possible to help you make the right decision.

We Handle All The Installation For You

Once the design is decided, we will personally install and fit everything for you. As an experienced company, we’ve dealt with many modern bathroom renovations in our time. So, we’re highly skilled when it comes to every aspect of bathroom installations.

This includes all of the plumbing work – we have talented plumbers that are highly qualified and can handle all the piping intricacies. So, you don’t have to worry about bringing in a separate tradesman to deal with this.

Everything is under our control, which makes life far more convenient for you. How annoying is it when you’ve got three of four companies all working on the same project? You need to contact them all separately, act as the middle-man between them all, then ensure they all follow the same schedule. In the end, it leads to more issues because there’s more chance of things going wrong. With us, there’s one point of communication – and that’s it. Any concerns are directed to us. We handle it all, so there’s very little to worry about.

Ensuites, Master Bathrooms, and Powder Rooms

Our modern bathroom service is mainly targeted at the master bathroom. This is the main bathroom in your home, and it’s usually shared by everyone. As such, we can design something that suits the whole family and improves the aesthetic appeal of your interiors.

However, we can also offer modern ensuite bathrooms as well. The ensuite can often be neglected and feel very cramped. With our help, we can design a more contemporary and practical area that adds something different to your bedroom. We’ll transform this small space into an area that will blow your mind.

Alongside this, we can also handle powder room renovations. The powder room is basically a mini version of the bathroom. There’s usually a toilet, a sink, and a mirror. They can be convenient if you have lots of people in your home and need more than one toilet area. We can build one next to your bathroom if there’s enough room or renovating an existing one in your home.

Regardless of which modern bathroom service you choose, you’ll always receive the very best customer service. Your needs always come first, so don’t be afraid to ask any questions or make suggestions.

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas & Inspiration

All of our clients are welcome to look at our previous jobs to get inspiration for their bathroom. We’ll happily pick out some of the most recent and modern bathrooms that we’ve designed, giving you an idea of what we’re capable of.

But, we also want to provide you with as much inspiration as possible for free. So, here are a few ideas that you may want to consider for your contemporary bathroom:

  • Space-saving design: This is highly popular amongst new-build homes and involves the concept of saving as much space as possible. Storage is built into the walls, toilets are more enclosed, and you can maximise the floor space in your bathroom without sacrificing any of the features.
  • Wet rooms: Instead of a shower or bath, you could have a wet room in your master bathroom or ensuite. This is essentially a large walk-in area where you can shower. There’s far more room than usual, and it looks incredible. These shower rooms are a staple of modern bathroom designs!
  • Smart lighting & speakers: Bring your bathroom into 2020 and beyond with smart lighting. Here, you can control the lights from an app on your phone, maybe even getting bulbs that change colour. Go one step further and get speakers installed in the ceiling to create awesome bathroom vibes.
  • Statement vanity units: Modern vanity units come in all shapes and sizes. But, one recent trend is to use the vanity unit as a statement piece. Get something big and bold that dominates the room and provides you with a large sink and a big mirror.
  • Double sinks: Speaking of sinks, you can find modern bathroom sinks that come as a pair. In effect, they’re side-by-side, so two people can use a sink at once. Perfect for ensuites, but also helps you avoid a queue every night when people are brushing their teeth.
  • Underfloor heating: Another popular fixture in new-build homes and ideal for the cold winter months. Underfloor heating keeps your feet nice and warm while saving space by getting rid of your radiator!
  • Modern traditional design: Love the look of a traditional bathroom but want something slightly more updated? We can offer modern traditional designs that incorporate the key aspects of a conventional bathroom with contemporary style.
  • Monochrome design: A fantastic colour scheme idea that only incorporates one or two colours. We love the black and white colour scheme as it makes the room feel very minimalistic and modern.

No doubt you have plenty of your own ideas floating around in your head, but these are just a few of ours! Again, contact us to find out more about our previous work and see some visual inspiration for your modern bathroom.

What Are The Benefits Of A Modern Bathroom?

Most people want a modern bathroom renovation because it just looks better. There are no two ways around it, modern bathrooms will add a unique design to your home and can be a massive improvement over the old design.

But, if you want even more reasons to make this investment, then check out the other benefits of having a modern bathroom:

  • Improves efficiency: Older bathrooms are designed using older technology. So, everything in them is not up to the current standards. By getting a modern bathroom, you can improve your energy efficiency with better lighting, a more efficient shower, better heating, and so on. As a result, you’ll save money in the long run!
  • Saves water: Similarly, you can get some new modern taps that are designed to waste less water by controlling the stream better. The same goes for modern showers, many use heads that use up far less water. Again, this leads to future savings.
  • Increases your property value: The value of your home will go up when you have a more updated bathroom. It’s more appealing to buyers, and it will still hold its value if you choose to sell your home in a few years.
  • Create more space: Modern designs are usually done with space in mind. We can give you a contemporary bathroom area that uses the most of all the space you have. With innovative storage cabinets and space-saving bathroom furniture, your room will feel so much bigger.
  • Easier to clean: Some modern bathroom tiling is designed to be easier to clean. You can get ones that don’t have any grout between each tile, which reduces the chances of nasty mould developing.

Now, if you stick with your old bathroom, you’ll miss out on all of these excellent benefits!

Why Choose Us?

You could get a modern bathroom in Sydney from a host of companies, but what makes us so unique? We pride ourselves on putting every customer at the centre of our projects. You are in control of every outcome. It’s your bathroom, so you can choose what it looks like and how modern it is. We’re just here to support you along the way and do all the physical work. In the end, the finished article should be a reflection of your dream bathroom.

Our customer service is second-to-none, and we have plenty of experience to back up our ability. All of our team members have been in the business for many years, and they’re all trained to perform various tasks with a high degree of skill. So, you can be confident that your modern bathroom will be constructed to the highest standards imaginable.

As if that wasn’t enough, we also keep our prices as competitive as possible. The cost of a modern bathroom will obviously vary from client to client. It depends on your home, how big the room is, how much work must be completed, the materials you choose, etc. But, we strive to make modern bathrooms as affordable as can be. Remember, you decide what gets done, so you can make the renovation fit your budget.

Contact Us For A Modern Bathroom in Sydney

Why settle for a bathroom that doesn’t satisfy you? Getting a modern bathroom renovation is a genius way to make your home feel much more contemporary. You’ve probably seen the latest bathrooms in show homes or online catalogs, and they make you feel jealous. Well, no more! Contact us today, and we can help you get the modern bathroom that you’ve been dreaming of.

We recommend giving us a call or visiting us in person, and we can talk about all of your requirements. We’ll pay your home a visit and look at the bathroom or ensuite in question, then continue asking questions and taking any relevant measurements. From here, we can work on an initial design and provide you with a quote for the service. If you’re happy with everything, then our installation team can come in to complete the renovation!

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