Bathroom Renovations Coogee

Bathroom Renovations Coogee

Bathroom Design Coogee

At Bathroom Renovations Sydney, we offer a range of exciting bathroom designs to fit any need, to create a subtle and exquisite look to your home. We operate within the Coogee area of Sydney; with ranges of bathroom upgrades, redesigns, luxury bathroom renovations and can cater to any needs for your home. From a minor modern upgrade to a complete renovation, we are here to create the most charming bathroom. A modern practical bathroom is an important element in any home. We use our showers daily and fitting your bathroom with a stunning shower of choice, you can wake up every morning and feel refreshed to start the day. The importance of having a beautiful bathroom is vital for those who are wishing to add value to their home as well as upgrade their features for a more luxurious feel and lifestyle. Life doesn’t have to be difficult anymore, despite your situation or living arrangements, a good efficient bathroom can relieve some of the simple pressures of life; with the designs of your dreams! Whether you want a beautiful porcelain white bathroom with a modern chic feel or you want to add a little more traditional look with more of a wooden, oak look or perhaps you would like a dark onyx look to fit in with the rest of your home, anything is possible!

Perhaps you want an ensuite bathroom, this can be discussed as we appreciate the importance of needing an extra bathroom, the options really are endless and we will gladly direct you to help upgrade your bathroom and life to the best of our abilities. From the inception to the final additions, the journey will be a smooth running operation.

Let Us Upgrade You Bathroom With Our Fine Bathroom Renovations

It all starts with design. What are you looking to change, what are your interior goals, your colour and theme ideas, and is it a minor or a major improvement you need. Coogee is fast developing and with a relaxed coastal vibe; but when renovating your bathroom, you should consider what exactly your needs are. We work from the foundations to the minor final details, with precision and a true eye for detail, we aim to create only the very best. We will enlighten you on the ways in which we can upgrade your bathroom, and the likely upheavals as well as the type of design we will need to look at moving forwards; from the interior design and graphics to putting this into motion.

What We Can Off Your Coogee Property! 

We offer a multitude of great bathroom renovation services, that include across the board renovations for your Coogee home. We offer:

  1. Laundry Room Renovations – we offer a renovation to your laundry space to improve its functionality with optimum style and performance.
  2. Ensuite Bathroom Renovations – upgrade your Coogee home with an ensuite renovation, this bathroom renovation can add value to your home and be the perfect bedroom accompaniment.
  3. Modern Bathroom Renovations – grab the style you want with chic, monochrome style, completed with the mod cons you will need for your home.
  4. Luxury Bathroom Renovations -add a spot of extra luxury in your Coogee property with a luxury element to your bathroom, our bathroom renovations will be the best way to do this. Add a luxury tub or rainfall shower, we can add value and beauty to your bathroom.
  5. Powder Room Renovations – enhance the place you beautify yourself with powder room renovations, opt for a wide bright space, that encapsulates both style and practicality.
  6. Modern Small Bathroom Renovations – space is not an issue; we appreciate smaller homes still need great bathroom updates, this can be vital if you’re wanting to improve functionality.
  7. Toilet Renovations – your toilet can still have old mechanisms which hinder the way your bathroom works for you. Upgrade your bathroom and life.
  8. Traditional Style Bathrooms – a classic bathroom in your Coogee home will surely be a beautiful addition.

Time to Plan: Floor Planning and Foundation Planning For Your Dream Bathroom 

If your bathroom will be fully renovated, then we will need to start from the ground up, creating new plans for structure, looking at floor plans, how we can plumb in all your water systems and what will work best for the space you have. Smaller spaces do not have to be difficult spaces to deal with, we can offer a luxury bathroom design for the smallest of bathrooms, we will look at where is best to place your sink and work with the space if you wish to place a bathtub in instead of a shower; the options are endless in terms of planning your dream bathroom. Your floor plan can help decide how functional your bathroom can be, where we place the features such as toilet and sink in regards to where your doors are placed and how they open. The foundations begin with discussing our ideas before we get to the fun part of planning the style and colours that you desire. We will look at the functionality of any heating systems, to look at where is best to plumb in your bath and sink; often toilets can’t be moved around for plumbing reasons but we can look into how we can work around any radiators and other aspects of structure that could hinder your dream bathroom design.

Dependent on where your windows are situated, we can utilise the natural lighting as well as possible by looking at where to place the furniture, such as cabinets and counters. We will look at how to fix any power systems into the bathroom if you do not currently have electricity running through any part of the room.

New Furniture And Units 

Often we have cabinets in our bathroom that may sit under the sink or above the sink. We can look at the options to change up your cabinets and create a new bathroom, whether you’re looking for a traditional bathroom style, or something more modern and minimalistic, we can see what will work best for the space. Old cabinets may not be functional and changing up your cabinets can enhance the feel of your bathroom and allow you to be a little more efficient with how you house any products. The furniture of any room can be a huge focal point to the space and can give off any impression, bad or good; so we will work with you to ensure that you’re able to have the best units fitted to your needs. We all need space in a bathroom, if we are living with a partner, a his and hers sink could be a beautiful addition for a luxury feel.

If you wish to have two sinks, this can maximise your bathroom’s practicality if space allows, to have two sinks to ensure that both him and her are getting the most out of the bathroom at the same time without a quick rush in the morning to use the counters and facilities.

Types Of Showers & Baths 

The type of shower you opt for depends on space and preference. Rainfall showers are a beautiful choice for a luxury feel, rainfall showers are larger than average showers but create a softer pressure for your shower, to say goodbye to the harsh stinging showers that create a fast pressure system. A wet room could also be a good option especially if you have limited mobility or a family, wet rooms can be just as stylish but are efficient and easy to use with minimal fuss or cleaning. A shower should be a relaxing experience and we aim to bring that to your bathroom with our shower fitting services. A good shower improves efficiency and efficiency means saving time, so whatever your lifestyle is, we can cater to what you need and make life much easier with a great bathroom.

Bathtubs can be a huge focal point of a bathroom and if your space allows it, you could look at a beautiful freestanding tub, in a range of colours and styles, whether it’s a traditional cast iron bath with a modern feel, or if you prefer acrylic or enamel, there is a bath for any style.  The most common types of bathtub include:

  • Soaking Tubs – can be used for therapeutic purposes, offering a relaxing experience and these are often much deeper than a standard bathtub.
  • Whirlpool Tubs – these can feel a little like a jacuzzi, they bubble and create a beautiful experience, for a luxury feel, but rely on a little more space in your bathroom.
  • Air Tubs – similar to a whirlpool tub, they are a luxury type of bathtub which uses air to pump through bubbles.
  • Walk-in Tubs – this option is perfect for people with disabilities or limited mobility, to walk into the bathtub without the worry of being able to get in and out without assistance.

There are many options to look at when buying your most important bath feature. We will gladly discuss your options and what will work best for you. The efficiency of your systems can help you with saving on water bills and help to save water which is a huge bonus. Your boiler systems will determine the efficiency of your bathroom also. Combi boilers will allow you to have instant hot water for your bath or shower without waiting for tanks to fill up but this is something to discuss as your renovation plans come to fruition.

Coogee is such a stunning spot of Sydney and in any home, we appreciate the importance of having a bathroom renovation. Your toilet is a shared space that is used by anyone in the property at the time. Improve efficiency with your toilet’s functionality to how it drains and its speed, it can help improve hygiene and modernise any older styles of toilet. You could add some extras to your toilet installation, such as a bidet which can be helpful for families or people with disabilities or limited mobility. It takes the pressure of family members to allow people to use the bathroom easily with less assistance and more independence.

Added Extras 

Adding extras to your new bathroom after you’ve received a full bathroom renovation, can provide an additional luxury feel, it can impress friends and family and make life that little bit easier. Underfloor heating, which can be relaxing and comforting during the cooler winter months. You may also want to ensure you have a good air conditioning system to stop the overheating of your bathroom from showers, to recirculate fresh air and keep the bathroom free from condensation, we can create these little extras for people on a budget too. Modern ideas work well for any home, whether you have a large family and want to have a better bathroom experience for all or if you live alone and want to experience an easier lifestyle, a new bathroom is key and we can create convenience easily and effectively.

A beautiful addition could well be utilising your power systems and having hair dryers or razors electronically operated so they will be available to you after your wash your hair or want to shave, a little like you find in a hotel, we can bring a little taste of five star luxury right into your own bathroom. This can stretch to any electrical device that you think will be needed in your room. USB ports and other ports can be implemented if you feel this will be of interest.

You could opt for a heated towel radiator, never have to worry about cold damp towels or finding a place to dry them, your radiator will work to dry your towels in half the time overnight or whilst you’re at work, a towel radiator has many benefits. Getting ready in the morning is super important, how you look when you leave the house is so important, so be sure you can get ready in an area that is well spaced and designed, with illuminated mirrors in your bathroom to ensure you can get dressed every morning. Some of our luxury bathrooms can be fitted with televisions with your bathroom mirrors or walls to be able to watch television on a morning in the bathroom counter or in the bath on an evening, you can bring entertainment right to your bathroom. Whatever your ideas and dreams, we will discuss with you personally to see how we can make this a reality for you. Bring your Coogee home into this century with our impeccable bathroom renovations.

The Importance Of A New Bathroom Stretches Beyond Its Aesthetic

Beyond the aesthetic and functionality of your bathroom, your renovated bathroom can also be a very big bonus if you come to sell your home. A luxury bathroom with modern technology and design can really add value to your property and can be a great selling point for viewers. A good bathroom is attractive, we spent a lot of time using the equipment within our bathroom more than we do our living rooms, so the value will be beneficial in the long run.


The price of your renovation depends upon many factors and the scale of the bathroom renovation but we can ensure that we will provide you with all the necessary details to make your home in Coogee or Sydney, looks and feels like a chic space to live. We also appreciate that time is vital, so we always look to make plans to suit your lifestyle to work as fast as possible to ensure your life isn’t disrupted too much during the renovation. Whether it’s a simple quick fix or a brand new bathroom, we are ready and waiting to create it.

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