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Laundry Renovations Sydney

Our you looking for laundry renovations in Sydney? If so, then you’ve most certainly come to the right place. We have years of experience in both laundry and bathroom renovations, meaning your project is in very safe hands. The team here is always happy to help – we listen to all of your requirements, then provide a bespoke service that suits all of them. By the time we’re done, you’ll have a stunning new laundry area that adds something special to your home.

We Handle Your Laundry Renovation From Start To Finish

A laundry room renovation is no easy thing. A lot goes into it, and this starts with the initial design process. You’ve got plenty of things to consider here:

  • What style are you going for?
  • What colors do you want to use?
  • What type of flooring will you have?
  • What equipment do you need in there?
  • How much space do you have to play with?
  • What storage options do you want?

The list of questions goes on and on – and this is just the beginning! Once you’ve answered them, you need to come up with some designs. This helps you visualize your laundry renovation, and you can tweak them to make things fit or look better.

Following on from this, you’ll start the actual renovation itself. This means getting the room ready, knocking walls down, re-plastering, painting, laying the flooring – and so on.

Needless to say, you probably don’t have time to handle all of this. Or, more to the point, you don’t possess the skills required to take care of all these things. Laundry renovations in Sydney shouldn’t be rushed as you’ll end up wasting money. So, if you don’t know how to do anything, then let the experts take over instead.

We will manage your laundry renovation from start to finish, giving you less to stress about. We lift the burden from your shoulders and deal with everything from the initial design through to completion. Our team will help you draw up mock designs of the remodel, so you get an accurate view of how your laundry room will look. But, everything is designed to your specifications – you get full creative control here!

Then, we can deal with the construction of the room itself. We have a professional and experienced team of contractors that will do all the dirty work for you. When we’ve finished, you’ll see a brand new room that makes you go ‘wow.’ More importantly, you’ve achieved all of this without pulling your hair out because we manage the entire process for you!

Custom Laundry Renovations

Our service is entirely customisable for everyone. Like we mentioned; you have control over everything. Tell us what materials you want the room to be made out of, what equipment and furniture you desire – your wish is our command.

We spend a lot of time listening to you and providing advice where we see fit. You don’t have to follow our advice, but bear in mind we’ve been doing this for a long time! We know that certain things might seem nice, but they can sometimes be impractical or overly expensive. So, we’ll pitch in with helpful advice and suggestions that you can use as a guide throughout the process. Remember, the final decision always comes from you – if you hear our advice but still want to stick to your own plan, then that’s fine!

Every laundry room renovation is designed to be unique. Where’s the fun in having a laundry room that fifty other homes also have? You can customize this room to suit your house and make it special. After all, you’re paying for it, so why wouldn’t you want it to be as unique as possible?!

If you speak to a member of our crew, we’ll happily show you examples of our previous work. Here, you’ll see the various laundry room renovations in Sydney that we’ve already carried out. It’ll give you some design inspiration, but it will also show you how diverse our projects are, and how two renovations can look entirely different.

Small Laundry Renovations

We appreciate that some people are blessed with more space than others. A lot of our clients have small laundry rooms, and they used to think that there was no point in remodeling them. However, a small laundry room renovation is definitely worth the money. You’ll be amazed to see the difference that a small renovation can make. Even if it’s as simple as switching out the furnishings or building some new storage space. We’ve completed some projects that just involve re-painting a small laundry room and adding some new flooring. It’s not a huge remodel, but the impact is massive!

No matter how big or small the project, we’re always here to help. So, if you feel like your laundry room is too small to get an upgrade, then think again. Feel free to get in touch with us to see how we can improve your small laundry area and give it a boost.

Laundry Renovation On A Budget

The laundry room remodel costs can vary depending on the project. We’ve identified a few key factors that somewhat determine the price:

  • The size of the room
  • The specific materials required for the job
  • The length of time the renovation takes
  • The amount of work needed
  • The furniture you need installed

Other factors will obviously come into play, but these are the main ones. As a general rule, the more extensive the renovation, the more expensive it is.

Lucky for you, we off laundry renovation on a budget. Our service is designed to help you get the best results for the lowest possible price. We’re an affordable company because we handle everything ourselves. There’s no need for you to hire separate designers and contractors – which usually leads to higher fees – you can hire us for the whole project.

Furthermore, we’re a family business, so we want to make our service as cost-effective as possible. We know that renovations can sometimes be costly, which puts a lot of you off. So, we try to do things differently and offer fair prices all the time. While we try and make them as competitive as possible, we still maintain an extremely high level of service, no matter how much your laundry renovation costs.

The beauty of our customisable service is that you can pretty much design a laundry renovation based on your budget. We’ll happily provide quotes for you, and you can then tweak your project idea to make it more suitable for your budget. This ensures that you get the perfect renovation, but at a price you can definitely afford.

Why Get A Laundry Renovation?

You could renovate any part of your home, so why opt for a laundry room renovation? Well, this area is often highly neglected. How many times do you actually go to your laundry room and pay it as much care as other rooms in your home? It’s usually the place that doesn’t get cleaned, or where you stuff loads of old boxes and junk.

Consequently, you’ve got a room that’s basically being wasted. It doesn’t look as lovely as the rest of your home, and it’s probably very messy. So, you need a laundry renovation to breathe new life into this part of your property. Give it an upgrade, and it will present you with some of the following benefits:

  • More storage space: we can build your new laundry room with innovative storage space included. This gives you more room to put things, decluttering your home. Instantly, this area seems more spacious and less messy!
  • A modern look: many laundry areas are old and outdated. As such, you neglect it even more than usual. With a renovation, you can bring your laundry room into the modern era and create a space that you actually enjoy spending time in.
  • Improved practicality: one of the best parts of a laundry renovation is that we can make the room more practical. We’ll help you play around with the design to make the most out of the space you’ve got. From here, we can organise the furniture and laundry equipment to make the room easier to work in. Now, laundry days are less stressful because your laundry room is designed better.
  • Improved safety: we can make your laundry room a safer place through the renovation process. This includes creating a cable management system to prevent electrical wires from poking out and installing a more durable and slip-resistant flooring.
  • Better energy efficiency: of course, we strive to make your laundry room as efficient as possible. We can help you pick out washing machines and dryers with excellent energy ratings, meaning you save money on your monthly energy bills. As well as this, we’ll install more energy-efficient lighting in the room, further adding to your savings.

When you look at all of these benefits, the question changes entirely. It’s no longer a case of why would you get a laundry renovation, but why wouldn’t you?!

Laundry Renovation Inspiration

Struggling to think of ideas for your laundry renovation? You know something has to be done to this room, but you just can’t figure out what! Don’t worry, we’re always happy to help. Some of our clients come to us with clear visualisations of what they want their laundry room to look like. Others don’t have a clue and could do with some inspiration.

We’ll go through loads of potential options during your initial consultation, but here’s some free inspiration for you to enjoy before that:

  • Smart storage space: design your new laundry room so it has smart storage space all throughout it. This could include tall cabinets that reach the ceiling, smart shelving, and so much more. Improve the practicality of your laundry room while also getting rid of clutter!
  • Modern equipment: make your life easier by upgrading the washing equipment in your laundry room. Get a modern washer and dryer – or one that combines both into one piece of equipment! Not only does this make washing and drying a whole lot easier, but the modern design can improve the visuals in your laundry room.
  • Quirky lighting: why don’t you mix things up with some quirky lighting in your laundry room renovation? We can fit smart bulbs into the room so you can control them via your phone, and you can get ones that change color too. Or, add a dimmer switch to alter the lighting as you please.
  • Wall murals: our talented team can transform the wall in your laundry room into something special. We can put a mural of sorts on there – or just some lovely writing that says ‘Laundry Room’. It’s a unique idea that’s a little bit different from the usual plain wallpaper!

We can offer far more inspiration than this when we’ve seen what your laundry room looks like already. Remember, our suggestions are just there to guide you – you’re the ones that decide what your laundry renovation looks like!

Why Choose Us For Laundry Renovations in Sydney?

We’re not the only company that offers laundry room renovations in Sydney, so why should you pick us over the rest?

To start, we’re vastly experienced in both laundry and bathroom renovations. We know what we’re doing, and our previous clients can back this up. Plus, the fact we also do bathroom renovations means we can handle any plumbing requirements in the laundry room too.

We offer a very competitive rate for our service, and it’s designed to be budget-friendly. You have complete control over the design process, which means you can decide how expensive the renovation will be. This lets you figure out your budget beforehand, then choose a laundry renovation that fits it. As a result, you get a quality renovation without breaking the bank.

Our team takes care of things from start to finish, so you have very little to worry about. We work closely with all our clients, keeping you in the loop throughout the whole process. You’ll receive constant updates, and we pride ourselves on operating a swift service that maintains high quality.

Contact Us For Laundry Room Renovations

Get in touch with us today if you want the best laundry room renovations in Sydney. Give us a call, and we can set up a meeting to talk about your requirements and provide an initial quote.

  • How much does a laundry renovation cost Australia?

  • The total cost is dependent on the nature of the work required by the customer. The cost will also vary depending on the designs, materials and the need for new fittings that are the main features of custom bathroom designs. We quote you separately for each task so that you are aware of all the costs for your renovation. Bathroom renovations Sydney aims to provide you premium services at affordable prices so that your renovation costs within your budget.
  • What will be the cost to remodel a small laundry?

  • The cost of remodeling a bathroom varies according to the extent of work that has to be done and the fixtures and fittings that are used to renovate your bathroom. We aim to complete the task at hand by gathering the materials required just after sizing up the project. With the help of our experience, we provide a proposal that covers everything with the cost quoted according to your budget.
  • How wide should my laundry be?

  • It has to be made sure that your washer/dryer has everything it needs to work properly. Hot and cold waterlines and proper drainage are necessary. Gas dryers require a gas supply and a ventilation system of more than 50 feet to the outside whereas electric dryers need 120-volt circuits.

    The sizes of washers and dryers differ from 24 to 33 inches wide. Therefore, 36 inches in front of a washer and 42 inches for a dryer should be left for loading and unloading purposes. This will prevent you from bumping into them as you will have enough space to walk around.

    However, measurements are different for front-loading models. Wheelchair users can easily access front loaders while stacked units are easier to use for people having difficulty in bending or stooping and they also occupy less than 33 square inches of floor space. To make loading and unloading more convenient, install the dryer about 15 inches above the floor.
  • What type of tiling or flooring is best for my laundry room?

  • Laundry room can be furnished with any type of flooring surfaces or countertops that can be used for kitchens and bathrooms. It is easier to clean up spilled detergents or fabric softeners when you make use of countertops that are made of quartz-surfacing, stone, solid surfacing, or laminate. Moreover, the difficulty while folding delicate blouses or sweaters is eliminated by the help of its smooth surface. A tiled floor makes it easy to mop and clean and bleach will not damage it either.
  • How should I design my laundry room?

  • It is necessary to carry out the tasks involved in laundry to design an effective laundry room that saves your effort and time. This includes sorting of clothes, washing, drying, and folding. The appliances and work surfaces should be arranged accordingly to let everything happen inflow. A laundry room starting from the washer to the dryer and ending at the countertop for folding will make your laundry process a lot easier. Hanging items can be hanged on a cloth rod placed at the right of the dryer. Shelves can be placed above the washer and dryer to facilitate your reach to the laundry products. Furthermore, within steps from the washer/dryer, a laundry sink for handwashing will ease your move. Your laundry process will be now as efficient as possible that too with minimum steps involved.
  • Do laundry rooms need a floor drain?

  • It is not necessary to install a floor drain in a laundry room, but we recommend it for laundry rooms that have high usage. A washing machine can around 150 liters of water and if all that comes down onto the floor together, it can be the cause of much disarray. Therefore, if you have a multi-function or high-usage laundry room then it is advised to get a floor drain installed to allow for proper drainage in case of accidents or spills.
  • What will be the cost to install a laundry sink?

  • Likewise, the cost of the sink and the installation of a laundry sink by a plumber can vary. An average installation cost of a laundry sink is around $200 assuming that there are no complications. In case of the vent or drainpipes not already in place, the cost will rise which can only be known after the plumber is assigned for the job. Such cases increase the cost ranging from $500-$1000. We recommend you ask for an estimate before the work begins.
  • What lighting is most suitable for laundry rooms?

  • Natural light can be enough to brighten your laundry room but just as with the kitchen, you need good lighting for tasks specifically so that they are done with ease. Under-cabinet LEDs or fluorescent lights can be used to lighten up the countertop so you can check up matching socks or the clothes that need some sort of pretreatment because of stains and spots. Also, to make sure nothing is left inside the washer or dryer you will need the lighting that lets you see inside them.
  • Can the existing arrangement of my laundry room by changed?

  • Yes, our laundry renovation services include complete redesign and reconstruction that you can opt for if you are looking to overhaul the existing arrangement of your laundry room. Whether you are looking for a complete makeover or just simply reinstalling and redesigning your washing machine and/or cabinets, we are just the service you need. Our affordable and high-quality laundry renovation services will help you achieve a design for your laundry room that you love.
  • How long will my laundry renovation take?

  • Each laundry renovations project is unique and comes with its own set of requirements that can affect the time for the project. The material, finishing, and type of laundry that you require can also influence the timeframe for your laundry renovation project. It is difficult to estimate the time an individual laundry renovation project will take, but on average it takes between 4 – 6 weeks for a complete laundry renovationthat involves a stone benchtop.
  • Do you offer a guarantee on your laundry renovation services?

  • Yes, all of the materials and services that we provide have a warranty period (ranging from 1 year to up to 5 years depending on the type of product or service). All fixtures, fittings, and tiles come with the manufacturer’s own warranty and we can help you claim this, if the product is bought through us. For our services, we provide you with a guarantee of up to 5 years for labor – you can report leakages, breakages, or other malfunctions to us and we will send a professional over to look it over.
  • Can you design fashionable laundry rooms that can date?

  • The design, fittings, finishing, and paint all can affect how well a laundry room dates. There are countless types of laundry room designs and we have an entire catalog of designs that you can choose from. Some modern and trending styles such as the ‘block’ style may become outdated quickly and are more suitable if you get your laundry room renovated every couple of years. However, if you are looking for a fashionable design that can date well, we recommend choosing from our vintage collection of designs or having a custom-design made that will last you through the decades.
  • Do you offer services for multi-functional laundry rooms?

  • Yes, at Bathroom Renovations Sydney, we provide services for both traditional and multi-functional laundries.Unlike traditional laundry rooms, modern laundry rooms are multi-functional. This means that they are not just used for washing, but hand-washing, ironing, and as sources of water for gardens as well. This is the reason a multi-functional laundry room requires different designs and fittings than that of traditional laundries. We have a professional team of experts who deal specifically in multi-functional laundries that will facilitate all your requirements in your next laundry renovation project.
  • What should I consider before my laundry renovations design?

  • There are various factors that you should consider when designing your laundry room before renovation. Ask yourself the essential questions such as: How much counter space is needed for folding? Do you need cabinets for storage? Will you iron in the laundry room or not? Do you need outlets to gas or will you need vents? Make a list of all such requirements so that you are well aware of what you need from your laundry room. After this, you can get in touch with our design consultation team to present you with state-of-the-art and fashionable laundry design that meets all of your functional requirements.
  • How should I budget for my laundry room renovation?

  • The best way to budget your laundry room renovation is to first list down your requirements and determine the scope of work. Are you looking for a complete laundry renovation? Do you just wish to get a space for ironing included in your existing laundry? It is best to understand these requirements before moving on to the design and construction to avoid any surprises. Once you have the list of fittings/accessories and requirements, you can reach out to our team for a free quote for your renovation project. This will include the cost of all materials, labor, and other services so that you can get a good estimate of how much the laundry renovation project will cost.
  • I have a small space available, can you design the laundry room so that it can accommodate all my requirements?

  • Yes, for our team of professionals, it does not matter what the size of your renovations project is. We deal in all kinds of renovation projects, no matter how large or small your laundry space is. There is no reason for you to be confined to limited ideas just because you have a small space available. We provide you with modern and functional small laundry designs that are eye-catching and meet all of the requirements of a cutting edge laundry room. Get in touch to get a free redesign consultation for your laundry room and let our experts show you how we can utilize your laundry space to its maximum.
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