Bathroom Renovations Willoughby

Bathroom Renovations Willoughby

Bathroom Design Willoughby

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home. You use this space every day, guests will almost certainly pay a visit, and the experience people have here can be greatly improved with a bathroom renovation.

Here at Bathroom Renovations Sydney, we’ve had the pleasure of working on countless bathroom renovations over the years. This has given our team the expertise and design prowess they need to complete even the toughest of jobs, keeping bathroom renovation costs down and providing unparalleled support and aftercare.

Are you ready to change your bathroom? Let’s take a look at how it works.

How Do Our Bathroom Renovations in Willoughby Work?

The most crucial stages of any design process usually come at the beginning. We work tirelessly to help plan your bathroom renovation Willoughby, providing advice and wisdom at every step to make sure that you find yourself with a bathroom you love.

Step One: Contact Us For A Consultation

We can’t help you create the perfect bathroom renovation without a conversation. You can get in contact with us at 1800 218 344, by emailing, or by using the convenient contact form on our website.

Our friendly team will be happy to talk at length about your project, establishing the sorts of style you’d like, the features you want your bathroom to have, and, most importantly, the budget you have set aside for the project.

With this information in hand, our team will get to work on the initial stages of your bathroom design, though the real work won’t begin until we’ve been able to pay a visit.

Step Two: A Complementary Home Survey

We provide free, zero obligation home surveys to our prospective bathroom renovation clients. One of our engineers will visit your home at a time which works for you, carrying out a range of checks which will determine how your new bathroom is designed and built.

This is done to ensure that;-

  • We can measure the space you have for your bathroom renovation.
  • We can check existing infrastructure to plan for any changes required for the bathroom upgrades you desire.
  • We can plan the process from start to finish, giving you an idea of how long the bathroom remodel will take.
  • We can use average bathroom renovation costs to provide an estimate for the price of your project.
  • We can gather any additional design requirements from you.

The survey won’t take long, but we will need you to be at home for it, as this will give our engineers the chance to collect all of the information they need from you. We’ve worked on a lot of different types of project before, and you can find some examples of these in the section below.

Powder Room Renovations

In the past, powder rooms were used to give people the chance to discreetly powder their wigs and apply fresh makeup. Usually a small room, it can be hard to use the space in a powder room effectively, but our designers have a lot of experience working in spaces like this. Our powder room renovations Willoughby are unbeatable, and we’re eager to talk to you about working on your own.

Ensuite Renovations

En-Suite bathroom renovations can be tricky, as you can’t just consider the design of the bathroom itself; you have to keep the bedroom in mind, too. Our design experts are great at working with existing styles, and are happy to be flexible to make sure that your ensuite renovation in Willoughby feels like a natural extension of your bedroom.

Small Bathroom Renovations

As with the powder room, small bathroom renovations in Willoughby can be particularly challenging because of their size. Using this space effectively is crucial, though it will be hard to achieve this goal without the right expertise behind you.

Toilet Renovations

Simple toilet renovations can give this sort of space the refreshment it needs. Even when a room like this is small, it will still be used all the time, and this means that you need to work hard to make sure that it looks and feels good. This is where our expert team can help you.

Step Three: Choose A Style For Your Bathroom Renovation

While this counts as an element of step two, it is crucial and dense enough to count as its own step in the process.

Picking the style you want for your bathroom can be a challenging process. We recommend that you look at the images on our website for inspiration, but it will also be very helpful if you’re able to choose a style you’d like to draw from. You can find some examples of the bathroom renovation styles we offer below.

Luxury Bathroom Renovations

Few things feel better than sitting down in a luxury bathroom. Embracing fine metals, marble stonework, and strong and natural woods, luxury bathroom styles are never out of fashion, and a lot of people are choosing to go down this route.

A luxury bathroom renovation in Willoughby doesn’t have to cost a fortune, with our budget bathroom renovations providing you with an easy way to achieve your style requirements without breaking the bank in the process.

Modern Bathroom Renovations

Modern bathroom renovations can be tricky to accomplish, with popular minimalist styles being incredibly difficult to get right. Our bathroom designers have a lot of experience working with modern themes.

Using clean edges, colorful components, and bold shapes, modern bathrooms are a great way to capture a timeless look. Our modern bathroom renovations Willoughby are unrivalled, and are sure to make anyone feel comfortable using the toilet.

Traditional Bathroom Renovations

Designers often look to the past when they are looking for new ways to make things look good. Traditional bathroom renovations will be the best choice in a lot of homes, especially if a lot of your other decor is older.

Reflecting on a simpler time, traditional bathroom renovations in Willoughby will feel homely and quaint, while still providing the modern features you expect from your bathroom upgrades.

Other Bathroom Renovations

Alongside the styles above, our team can work on all manner of different bathroom designs. It’s worth getting in contact to chat about your requirements, and this will be even easier if you have an image or two of the sort of style you’d like to achieve. We’re always happy to help with all of your bathroom renovation needs.

Step Four: Design Your Bathroom Renovation Willoughby

At this stage, you will have a chance to sit back and relax. Our expert designers will begin the process of designing your bathroom renovation, using your list of requirements, budget, and the space to have to make sure that they come up with the perfect bathroom for you.

You will be kept in the loop and given options throughout this process, and you will always have the final say when it comes to the type of design you have. We’re proud to offer bathroom renovations on a budget, whether you’re looking for a traditional bathroom renovation or a modern design.

Step Five: The Fitting & Bathroom Renovation

Once you’ve approved the design we’ve made for you, it will be time for our engineers to begin sourcing the parts for your bathroom renovation. They will work to get the very best prices, while also using our connections in the market to secure excellent deals.

Our construction team will start work as soon as they can. Unless something changes, you will be able to assume that the estimated completion date you’ve been given is going to stand true. In some cases, though, we will have to extend the project slightly, though you will be warned if it looks like this might happen.

Step Six: A Completed Bathroom Renovation

Finally, once the team has cleaned up and removed all of the waste from the project area, you will have the chance to see your upgraded bathroom for the first time. Our clients are always thrilled at this stage, and our positive reviews show that we provide results, but we will be happy to correct anything you are unhappy with.

Bathroom Renovation Cost

The cost of a project like this can often be quite large, but we specialise in providing cheap bathroom renovations in Willoughby. This means that you can rest assured that you’re getting a good deal, while also ensuring that you get the most for your money.

There are many factors which will go into determining the price of your bathroom renovation, and we’ve explored them below to give you an idea of what your renovation might cost. It’s well worth taking some time to think about the price of a project like this before you take it on.

  • The Size of the Space: The size of your bathroom will be a big deciding factor in the price of the project. Generally, a larger bathroom will take more time to complete, and this will mean paying a construction team for longer.
  • The Bathroom Upgrades You Want: The type of upgrades and features you want in your bathroom will help to dictate the price. Modern features tend to come at a higher price than those found in every bathroom.
  • The Materials You Use: Some materials are far more expensive than others, and this is worth considering as you plan and budget for your bathroom renovation. The key to a cheap bathroom renovation is using quality materials which don’t cost a fortune to buy on the trade market.
  • The Style You Choose: Some bathroom styles are easier and faster to achieve than others, with modern designs being much easier to create than traditional ones, and this can make them cost vastly different amounts.
  • The Company You Choose: There are a lot of bathroom renovation companies out there. Choosing the right one can drastically improve your bathroom renovation costs, and this makes it worth picking the right option. Here at Bathroom Renovations Sydney, we have a lot of experience when it comes to handling projects on a budget.

Your bathroom renovation is an incredibly important job, and this makes it worth putting time and money into it. You don’t have to spend everything you have to get a modern or luxury bathroom renovation in Willoughby, and we can help you to create the bathroom of your dreams without breaking your back to do so.

Get In Contact With Bathroom Renovations Sydney

We encourage anyone looking to renovate their bathroom to get in touch with us today. You can use the contact form on our website, call us at 1800 218 344, or email us on

Our friendly team will be happy to discuss your ideas and project, while also providing you with their expert insight. This will get the ball rolling on your bathroom, enabling our designers to get to work on choosing options which you might like for your bathroom renovation.

It is very helpful if you have some examples of the bathroom style you want before you come to us. While this is not essential, it will cut out a lot of work, ultimately making the price of your project lower. Of course, though, our team will be happy to help you to find some inspiration if you’re struggling to source it on your own.

All of our clients are provided with a free consultation, a house visit for a survey, and countless opportunities to alter their designs before they are set in stone. We like to work closely with our clients, ensuring that we can pick up on their every need, while also taking as much of the burden off of your shoulders as possible.

Our cheap bathroom renovations have helped us to build a strong reputation over the years. As you can see from our reviews, plenty of other clients have had a good experience with our design and construction teams, and we’re eager to make your bathroom their next triumph. It’s always worth keeping in mind that your bathroom is by far the most important room in your home.

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