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Hassle-free toilet renovations in Sydney

Are you looking for a professional toilet renovation in Sydney? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Bathroom Renovations Sydney, we offer a host of toilet renovations to meet your needs, whether you need a small toilet renovation or large.

Types Of Toilet Renovations We Offer

Choosing a toilet renovation contractor who provides beautiful, innovative designs isn’t always easy. You often have to spend a long time trying to find a renovator who understands your needs.

We offer a wide variety of different toilet renovations. You might want something as simple as a unit refresh or a full-blown makeover where you rip everything out and start again.

Change Your Floor Plan

Are you unhappy with the current floor plan in your toilet? Do you wish that you could rearrange some of the elements in the room to make it more functional, spacious or user-friendly?

If so, we can help. We specialize in making floor plan changes to your toilet, allowing you to transform the feel of the room. With a robust floor plan in place, you can make more space for opening and closing doors, stepping out of the shower or for new furniture, like vanities.

Change Your Units

Over time, units can wear out and need replacing. Toilets, sinks, showers, baths, and bidets all eventually come to the end of their life. People, therefore, often remodel their toilets by installing new units.

Changing your units is easy when you choose us as your professional contractor. We provide you with a wide range of options, allowing you to dramatically upgrade your toilet experience and create something welcoming, inviting, beautiful and bespoke.

Make Cosmetic Improvements

The way that your toilet looks can make a massive difference in how you feel. With our toilet renovation services, you can make cosmetic upgrades that improve the look and feel of the space without causing excessive disruption.

With a cosmetic renovation, you’re leaving the main elements of the toilet where they are and just making visual changes to enhance the appearance of the room. Simple aesthetic makeovers of toilets often including installing new lavatories, sinks, shower curtains, tiles, windows and paint.

With Bathroom Renovations Sydney, you can get affordable, cosmetic bathroom remodeling, making your room feel fresh and beautiful.

Add A New Toilet

Families often expand and require additional bathroom space. A new child might arrive, or a relative come to live with you, necessitating the need for extra facilities.

Thus, a toilet renovation could involve installing a new lavatory from scratch, including all of the ancillary facilities, such as sinks, tiles, towel radiator, and so on.

Why You Need A Toilet Renovation

Are you considering renovating your bathroom? Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Bathroom Renovations Sydney for yours today.

Modernize Your Facilities

Toilets have come along a long way over recent years, with manufacturers experimenting with a host of designs, all geared toward your visits to the lavatory more enjoyable. Many toilets come with features that minimize the use of water, improve hygiene and boost design. While they might not be the most glamorous objects in your home, there’s no reason why you need to stick with the solutions of the past.

Improve Your Capacity

Is there always a queue for the bathroom in your household? If so, then you stand to benefit considerably from installing new toilet facilities. With a toilet remodel, you can transform a room into a new place for members of your family to get ready in the morning, helping to make family life just that little bit more manageable.

Improve Efficiency

If you have an old flush toilet, it probably uses more water each day than anything else in your home, including the shower. If you want to cut down on your utility bills, that’s a problem.

The good news is that toilets have advanced considerably in recent years. New flush mechanisms, water-saving technologies and even systems that don’t use any water at all have made their way onto the market. They offer homeowners new opportunities to save money, cut down on water use, and keep energy use to a minimum. If you’d like to save on your water costs, get in touch with us today to find out how much money you could save with a brand new toilet remodel.

Increase The Value Of Your Home

Are you planning on selling your home? Do you want to invest in it so that it’s worth more over time? If so, then a full toilet remodeling could help.

Toilet remodeling can have an enormous impact on the value of your property. Potential buyers will assess the number and quality of lavatories and bathrooms in your home. If there are too few facilities or they appear poor quality, it could put buyers off or give them a reason to offer less.

Quality toilets throughout your home, on the other hand, can put you at a market advantage. With Bathroom Renovations Sydney you can upgrade your toilets, add value to your bathroom, and impress everyone who comes for a viewing.

How Much Does A Toilet Renovation Cost?

The cost of a toilet renovation depends considerably on the type of restoration that you want to carry out. Each element of the work carries a price and varies according to the quality of fixtures and fittings you choose.

The average cost of a toilet renovation in Sydney ranges from $18,000 to $25,000. These figures, however, are not set in stone. The total amount that you pay can depend on a range of additional factors.

If your toilet is much smaller or you want to renovate a small cloakroom, the cost is much less. Check out the following list of bathroom sizes and estimated toilet renovation price.

  • Two meters squared – $6,500 to $10,000
  • Four meters squared – $10,000 to $15,000
  • Six meters squared – $15,000 to $18,000
  • Eight meters squared – $18,000 to $25,000
  • More than ten meters squared – $25,000 +

Other factors that can affect the cost include the quality of units, the quality of furniture, tiling and accessories, whether you need new lighting, the need for new plumbing, and the difficulty involved in removing the existing decor.

What Questions Should You Ask Before Starting A Toilet Renovation Project?

There are all kinds of questions you need to ask before hiring a toilet renovation contractor. These questions will help you focus on what matters in your project, and what you really want.

Do I need to change the layout of my toilet?

This is perhaps the most critical question of all before you begin a toilet renovation project. If the layout of the room is going to stay the same, then it’s usually just a matter of taking out the old fixtures and fittings and installing new ones. If, however, you need to rearrange the room, the planning process is potentially a lot more involved. You may have to consider additional factors such as the position of pipes, supporting walls, and whether the flooring is suitable for your plans.

What do I want the space to function as?

How you want the space to look, and function is equally important. Do you want the toilet to serve as a full-blown restroom or is it something that visitors can quickly use when they visit your home? Will your family use it every day or less frequently? Knowing the answers in advance can help when deciding on your final design.

How much do I want to spend?

When it comes to toilet renovations, you can spend as much or as little as you like. Here at Bathroom Solutions Sydney, we help our customers keep prices affordable. Our goal is to deliver exceptional value for every dollar you invest.

Spending more isn’t necessarily better. The key is to design a bathroom that serves your needs. The closer that you can get your ideal bathroom, the better you can enjoy the space.

Some renovations cost more than others. Taking out your existing toilet and replacing it with a newer model is considerably cheaper than changing its location altogether.

How To Refresh Your Bathroom On A Budget

Do you want to renovate your bathroom on a budget? Take a look at our recommendations for keeping remodeling costs down.

  • Replace your floor tiles. Replacing your existing floor tiles while maintaining your current layout is an extremely cost-effective way to renovate your toilet. We provide bespoke tiling services, cutting your tiles to shape and molding them around all your fixtures and fittings.
  • Adding new paint or wallpaper. Just like tiles, paint and wallpaper are fabulously inexpensive, especially if you can find discounts on select lines.
  • Updating your counter-tops. Over time, some types of bathroom counter-tops can lose quality a look a little worse for wear. Replacing them is both affordable and can make an enormous difference to the appearance of your lavatory.
  • Add new lighting fixtures. Filling a room with furniture is expensive; filling it with light is virtually free. Updating the lighting scheme in your bathroom can give it a new lease of life and make it more enjoyable to use.
  • Replace your old bathroom mirror. An old, tired-looking bathroom mirror can detract from the overall appearance of the room. Sprucing it up with a brand new one, however, can breathe new life into your toilet, changing the mood entirely.
  • Add a bathroom vanity. Bathroom vanities are all the rage right now, and fabulously practical. We can recommend and install new vanities, complete with counter tops, which complement your new toilet design.
  • Upgrade your mixers and tap ware. Mixers and tap ware have advanced enormously over recent years. We’ve seen the development of genuinely fabulous products, like waterfall taps and rain showers. Installing these is relatively inexpensive and gives your bathroom an immediate “luxe” feel.

How Does Bathroom Renovations Sydney Remodel Your Toilet?

Have you ever wondered what happens during a toilet renovation? The answer is a lot, and it depends on your original design.

The first part of the operation is to develop a robust, affordable design. We consult in-depth with you on the layout of your toilet, your style choices, and the types of fixtures and fittings you want. Once you’re happy with the ideas, we then get on with the task of making it happen.

The first part of the process is to remove the old furnishings. The amount of waste generated relates directly to the amount of remodelling you need us to do. A small toilet renovation might only require the removal of a few tiles and a vanity. An extensive renovation could include the shower, sink, lighting and even sections of the wall.

The next step is to prepare all of the plumbing and electrical fittings to your new specification. After that’s all prepped, the installations can begin. You might want to install a new toilet, lavatory, shower, or tub. At this stage, we can also put in new lighting, like recessed lights in the ceiling. The finishing touches include painting the walls and ceiling, laying tiles, and installing various tap ware and shower fixings.

How long the renovation takes depends mostly on the complexity of the project. Some upgrades take just a few days. However, those requiring structural work will take longer.

Get Toilet Renovations With Bathroom Renovations Sydney Today

Renovating your toilet can have an enormously positive effect on your quality of life. If you’re considering a toilet renovation in Sydney, get in touch with us today. With us, you get a comprehensive toilet remodel service, including consultation to find out your precise needs, a full, written quotation, design services and construction.

We committed to providing you with a fabulous toilet renovation experience. We deal with all the nitty-gritty details, so you don’t have to. We promise to be on budget, on time and on point. We have toilet renovation packages to suit all tastes, ranging from traditional to modern to designer. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how you could benefit.

  • How long does it take for toilet renovations Australia?

  • It is not possible to provide you an exact time frame because each custom design is different. The time taken by your renovation work can vary depending on the scope of the work required by your customized design. However, renovations do not usually take very long and your bathroom will only be out of action for a short while even if a full makeover is required. Moreover, during the renovation, we can provide you with an ensuite bathroom if you require onsite facilities.
  • Do you provide designs for toilet renovations before construction?

  • Yes, we present CAD drawings for your renovations that cover all the details of the plan. Each of them includes your floor plan, plumbing, and electrical plans, site plan elevations and 3D views. For an accurate visualization of your renovation, we use your drawings and plans as a reference.
  • What is wet sealing and how much warranty do you offer for it?

  • To ensure maximum life of the wet areas and moisture penetration, we designed our wet sealing quality process that too with a 10-year warranty. We use top quality products that have been proven in the marketfor this process. Our warranty process starts when you contact us with an issue and for its verification, our team will visit your place for a site inspection. They will begin to resolve the issue as soon as possibleif it is related to product or workmanship.
  • Are dark-colored tiles more suitable for toilets?

  • If you like dark-colored tiles, use them regardless of the size of your bathroom. However, if the space is compact, dark color tiles look better if they are limited to one area. Also, they can only be used on the floor keeping the walls white.
  • Can I purchase fixtures and tiles for toilet renovations by myself?

  • Some people that like to choose their fixtures and fittings and we are absolutely okay with this, but it will then become your responsibility to deal with the warranty issue as we do not own any pre or post-work responsibility of such items if they are purchased by you. When you choose us for your renovation, our total solution keeps you away from such issues as they are all handled by us making sure that you do not face any troubles regarding these elements. We aim to take care of you long after the job is done.
  • Can tiles be installed on top of existing tiles in the toilet?

  • Yes, this is possible but you will have to take some things into consideration. This includes the current condition of existing tiles and the weight of the tiles that will be added, and the adhesive you are using to install your new tile over the existing one. The tiles already in place should be cleaned properly and the glaze should be removed off by the use of a grinderto make sure that the adhesive will bond
  • What is better? Free-standing bath or drop-in bath for toilets?

  • A drop-in bath usually fits against a wall or as an island. It should be secure enough to handle a person together with the weight of the water and the drainage system should be efficient so that there are no such problems.
    Whereas freestanding baths give your bathroom a more good look. This might be expensive to set up as the bath alone can cost higher and there will be some additional plumbing needed in order to mask the pipework. If you use stones for the bathroom floor, the floor should be capable of managing the increased weight. Moreover, freestanding baths often take more space.
    The market has many styles available of baths, so when you are choosing one, test for your comfort and ease to ensure maximum satisfaction.
  • What are my options for heating sources in the toilet?

  • The most feasible option is a 3-in-1 bathroom heater. It consists of an extractor fan with a light and heat lamp. However, there are more luxurious options too. Heating from a radiant floor is one of them, which works with coils that are heated electrically or tubing that is installed under the floor of your bathroom to extract heat found in the ground. You can get in touch with us to learn more about the heating options available for toilets and laundry rooms.
  • Can you renovate my toilet with my own custom design?

  • Your own concepts, ideas, suggestions, and questions are all encouraged by us and will be used as the basic reference of your design. Our design team will take all of these into consideration and will provide you solutions for your problems. They will even clear the concepts that are not understandable by you by explaining how they will function.
  • What is your toilet renovations process?

  • At Bathroom Renovations Sydney, we have an intricate and well-tested toilet renovations process which ensures that each renovation project is completed to perfection. Our process involves:

    1. Planning and Design: The first step involves setting up a schedule of how and when each phase of the renovation will take place. This also includes the design phase in which we keep you involved to ensure that the outcome is exactly as you expect.

    2. Demolishing and/or Removal of Bathroom Fixtures: Depending on the type of renovation project, we either demolish your toilet or remove bathroom fixtures so that the redesign and renovation can take place.

    3. Installation of Tiles and Plumbing Fixtures: If you are choosing our re-tiling or plumbing service then we install these new plumbing fixtures and tiles before moving on to other accessories and fixtures.

    4. Installation of Bathroom Fixtures: After the tiles have settled, we install other bathroom fixtures such as the vanity and cabinets for you.

    5. Paint and Finishing: In the end, we paint your walls and complete up all finishing and final touches to leave you with a redesigned toilet that exceeds your expectations.
  • What are affordable alternates to tiles for toilets?

  • Tiles, especially the ones made of graphite matt stone or similar, can be difficult to clean and maintain. Our recommended alternative is to create a solid wall with matte finish paint to reduce maintenance while still giving an appealing look to your toilet. Opting for a solid wall is an affordable alternate too since you can adjust the cost by choosing a type of paint according to your budget.You can reach out to us for more information about alternates to tiles for toilets.
  • Do you accommodate small renovation projects such as countertop and sink replacement?

  • We handle renovation projects of all sizes, no matter how small or large they are. Get in touch with our team and tell us your requirements and we will accommodate all your requirements. Our services include sink replacements, countertop replacements, vanity replacements, re-tiling and re-surfacing, and refitting of bathroom accessories. You can choose a package of all these services, or any of these services on their own.
  • Do you repair tiles, faucets, small leaks, and bathroom fixtures?

  • Yes, as part of our renovation services, we provide a range of plumbing and renovation services including the repair of tiles, faucets, and leaks. However, we do not provide repair services for bathroom fixtures and all other third-party accessories. If you are looking for a professional and affordable service to take care of your small toilet renovations and repairs project, then we are just the team you need.
  • How do I prepare for my toilet renovations project?

  • The first step when preparing for toilet renovations is to think about the style and look you want for your toilet. You can ask for our portfolio or look at some popular magazines to get great design ideas for the next renovation project. After this, you can get in touch with us to avail a free redesign consultation with one of our professional remodeling experts. Once you are satisfied with the design and are clear on what your requirements are, the next step is to book a renovation team such as ours. If you are purchasing accessories and tiles on your own, then the next step is to buy these and make them available before our team comes for the renovation. From there onwards, our expert team will take care of the rest of the renovations project for you.
  • Will my remodeled toilet come with a guarantee?

  • Yes, all of our services come with a guarantee to help you enjoy complete peace of mind. We provide a statutory warranty of all our labor services and a guarantee on all the materials and waterproofing technology that you purchase through us/from us. If you face any problems related to the toilet renovations job including but not limited to leakages, breakage, or fixtures malfunction, reach out to our customer support team and one of our professionals will take care of everything for you.
  • How much return on investment in terms of home value can I expect after renovating my toilet?

  • The quality and design of your toilet can greatly affect the value of your home. When looking to sell a home, it is often advised to get your toilets renovated to achieve the best return on investment. It is estimated that the return on investment for toilet renovations is between 90% – 100% which means that the amount you spend on your toilet renovation project is almost doubled in terms of home value. With Bathroom Renovations Sydney, the return on investment is even greater because of our excellent services and economical packages.
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