bathroom renovations baulkham hills

Bathroom Renovations Baulkham Hills

Bathroom Design Baulkham Hills

Are you looking for bathroom renovations in Baulkham Hills? Bathroom Renovations Sydney serves the city and its suburbs, providing homeowners with design and installation services. When it’s time for a brand new bathroom to add something special to your home, we will take care of the whole process. Our bathroom renovation packages include everything from the initial consultation to design and completion of the bathroom renovation. You can customize your bathroom design to meet your wants and needs so that your bathroom is more practical and more beautiful too. Choose us for your bathroom renovations in Baulkham Hills and we will deliver to your requirements.

Our promise to you is that we will deliver your bathroom renovation on budget, on time and on point. You don’t want your bathroom renovation to disrupt your life for too long or to cost you too much money. You definitely don’t want to pay for a bathroom that turns out not to be very good quality and doesn’t last very long. We make sure that every bathroom we design and deliver doesn’t cost more than the price we give you. We make it a priority to meet the deadlines that we set, and we aim to deliver excellent craftsmanship, with a guarantee of quality for all of our bathrooms.

Is It Time for a New Bathroom?

Deciding whether to renovate your bathroom isn’t always easy. It’s an investment, and you might tell yourself that it’s not a priority. But a new bathroom can last you many years, and it can bring you plenty of happiness. Sometimes, you might decide to simply touch up your bathroom with a few small changes. However, there often comes a time when you need to give your bathroom a complete overhaul if you want it to look like new again. A bathroom renovation can help you to fall in love with your home again, add value to your property, and even impress guests when they come to stay.

If you think that your bathroom is starting to look worse for wear, a brand new bathroom could be the answer. It can allow you to refresh everything with a new look that will give you a bathroom that will last for years. Perhaps you feel like your bathroom isn’t very practical and you want to use the space in a better way. Many small bathrooms can be made to look and feel bigger than they are, and you can make use of the space to get more out of your bathroom. A bathroom renovation could give you more storage space, replace a bath that you never use with a shower, or simply make a small bathroom look light and open instead of dark and cramped.

Reasons to Choose Bathroom Renovations Sydney

There are many reasons to choose Bathroom Renovations Sydney over other services when you’re looking for a new bathroom. Our bathroom renovation experts have years of experience designing and installing bathrooms, and meeting the needs of diverse clients. We have bathroom installation packages available for everyone and can customize our services to meet your requirements.


Being on time is a key value for us at Bathroom Renovations Sydney. When you come to us for bathroom renovations in Baulkham Hills, one of our top priorities is getting your bathroom completed by the deadline that we give you. We know that you don’t want to have renovations taking place in your home for any longer than necessary, so we do our best to be as quick as possible, while still maintaining high quality. We maintain a culture of punctuality, with everyone involved in our renovations expected to focus on delivering every focus on schedule.

Delivered on Budget

Another priority for our bathroom upgrades in Baulkham Hills is that we work to your budget. When we give you a quote for your project, we offer a fixed quote, with no hidden fees. The number that we quote you is how much your bathroom will cost, so that you don’t end up with any nasty surprises. Our prices are competitive and affordable, and we work with suppliers to get you the best prices on materials. We give you a detailed, written quote so that you know what is included in the cost of your new bathroom, and there won’t be any extra costs once the bathroom is finished.

High-quality Materials and Work

When you choose Bathroom Renovations Sydney, you can be sure of an extremely high standard of work, as well as great quality materials from our suppliers. We have a team of experienced people who can take care of every stage of your project, including design and installation. Our guarantee on workmanship ensures you will receive the best quality work and results that will last long-term. Everything that we install is covered by our guarantee so that you know you will receive a bathroom that you can rely on. Our skilled craftsmen fit everything perfectly to provide perfect results.

Bathroom Renovation Options

There are so many ways to renovate a bathroom to your liking. When you want to carry out a bathroom remodel in Baulkham Hills, our services can help you to find out exactly how you want to transform your bathroom. No matter how big your bathroom is or how you use it, it should be a useful space that you like to use. Whether you have a small guest toilet that you want to brighten up or a large master bathroom that you think should get the luxury treatment, Bathroom Renovations Sydney will work with you to deliver the bathroom that you’re hoping for.

Powder room renovations Baulkham Hills

If you have a powder room that you think needs to be renovated, it could be a great way to brighten up your home. Perhaps you’re getting ready to welcome guests for a wedding or another big event, and you want a space where everyone can relax and get ready. Renovating your powder room is the perfect way to have a place for guests, but it can also be a great space for you to relax in. You can get ready in the morning at your leisure or maybe prepare yourself for bed in the evening without worrying about anyone interrupting you.

Ensuite renovations Baulkham Hills

Your ensuite bathroom is ideal to give you a private bathroom that no one else in your home can use. You don’t have to let any kids in, and it’s safe from guests when they decide to stay too. If you think that your ensuite bathroom needs a new look, renovating it can give it the luxuries that you need from your own private bathroom. Perhaps you want to install a pair of sinks so that you can share the bathroom as a couple, or put in a relaxing spa tub that allows you to relax in whatever way you want to.

Small bathroom renovations Baulkham Hills

It can be a struggle to decorate a small bathroom. When you don’t have a lot of space to use, how can you make the most of what you have? Fortunately, there are several ways that you can make sure a small bathroom serves you in the way that you want it to. You might change the layout and your bathroom suite so that you can use the space in the best way possible. You can even choose the right colours and lighting to ensure your small bathroom doesn’t look cramped and lacking in space. Our designers can make the best use of the space that they have available to deliver a beautiful bathroom that feels bigger than it is.

Find Your Bathroom Style

When you’re thinking about renovating your bathroom, you need to decide what sort of style you’re looking for. It’s not necessary to have a complete idea of what you want your bathroom to look like, but it’s a good idea to start thinking about what sort of bathroom styles would work for you. You might want a traditional bathroom with some classic style choices so that you know it will still look good in years to come. Or maybe you’re looking for luxury bathroom design in Baulkham Hills so that you can have a bathroom that offers you a touch of indulgence and is perfect for relaxing in.

Traditional bathrooms Baulkham Hills

There are various traditional bathroom styles that you might consider for your new bathroom renovation. Traditional certainly doesn’t have to mean boring, and you can discover lots of different style choices to create your ideal bathroom. Whether you like roll top, claw-footed bath tubs or you want to try some traditional floor tiles, you can create a timeless bathroom that serves your needs and looks beautiful too. Our design team can help you with a bathroom design that matches your tastes and fulfills your practical requirements. A traditional bathroom can even help you to save money by keeping the cost of your materials down and avoiding fancy add-ons that you might not feel are necessary.

Modern bathrooms Baulkham Hills

Perhaps you want to choose something a little more contemporary for your bathroom. If you’re looking for a modern design for your new bathroom, you have a broad range of options. You could look at the latest trends to find out what’s hot in the world of bathroom renovation, or you could take a broader look at trends over the last few years. This can help you to determine which trends are more long-lasting, as well as which ones come back around after they have been less popular for a time. Make your bathroom more modern but ensure it’s still within your budget by choosing our cheap bathroom renovations in Baulkham Hills.

Luxury bathrooms Baulkham Hills

If you want a luxury bathroom design, we can help with that too. Sometimes you need your bathroom to be transformed into something special. A luxury bathroom can have every detail carefully chosen and designed to deliver the space that you really want. When your bathroom is designed with a luxurious touch, it can be a room where you feel like you can relax. You can spend time in there bathing or showering, doing your makeup or hair or whatever you want or need to do, and it won’t feel like you want to finish and get out as soon as possible. Trust us to design your luxury bathroom and we can design something impressive that you will love.

Designer bathrooms Baulkham Hills

When you don’t want anything but the best, a designer bathroom is what you need. Best suited to larger bathrooms but also a great option for small rooms, we can deliver a designer service that doesn’t leave anything out. When luxury just doesn’t cut it, our designer bathroom service ensures you get maximum comfort and the most beautiful fixtures and fittings. Our design team will listen to everything that you want from your bathroom to design an incredible space. Our bespoke design service means that every bathroom is different and suited to your wants and needs.

How Much Does a Bathroom Renovation Cost?

One of your priorities when you are renovating your bathroom is the cost. You want to know how much your bathroom renovation will cost and how much you should budget. However, there is no set cost for a bathroom renovation, and there are various factors that will affect how much you might spend.

The cost of your renovation will depend on the extent of the renovation, as well as the style of the bathroom. If you only want to retile your bathroom, this will cost less than if you want to completely renovate the whole space. If you want to stick to classic and affordable materials, you can save money compared to a more luxurious bathroom style. When we give you a quote for your bathroom renovation in Baulkham Hills, we give you a fixed price so that you know exactly how much it will cost.

Get in touch with us at Bathroom Renovations Sydney to find out more about our bathroom renovation packages.

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